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The Golden age of AM Radio

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Rock hits the radio

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Although Rock and Roll had been popping up on the radio in the late 50's, the 60s and AM Radio were the impetus behind a seismic shift in rock radio. With the British Invasion and an explosion of bands throughout the U.S., the pop stars and teen idols of the early 60s were being pushed off the charts by the Brits, Beach music, and Soul & R&B. Eventually the 60s would become a smorgasbord of styles from garage bands, folk rock, psychedelia, progressive, blues rock and roots rock. From small hometown stations to the mega-watt stations in the U.S. and Canada, rock took over the radio. In the mid 60s to the early 70s, AM radio was king. Towards the end of the decade, a newcomer in town started to grasp control. FM radio was becoming a major factor and would eventually end AM radios reign.

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